2015 Public Media

This is a collection of our public audio series from 2015

Rider 1: The Deceiver Why this was not Jesus Who was it that opened the seal, the Lamb The Bible says that this rider has a bow The Bible says…
God is holy Holiness cannot sin Holiness cannot look upon sin Holiness cannot overlook sin God is omnipotent¬†and all knowing He knows us personally He knows our thoughts He is…
It will produce salvation or regeneration. It will be a time of separation. It will be a time of deception. It will be a time of tribulation. It will produce…
You lose your joy He lost his concern He lost his testimony
The Dedication of the man The Discovery of the Law The Destruction of idols
The Problem A damaged relationship The Procedure A direct reminder The Product A desired response

The person defined The perception diminished The prospect of sin
The provision of God The powerless of the church The progression of damnation
Reminiscing over past worship Rejection of the word of God Reservation about the word of God

Close up your mouth Lift up your eyes and look Pull up the harvest
The example of God's son The exaltation of God's son The exclusion of God's son
Believers Make a decision Correct delay Unsaved They are confined They are a prisoner They are parched



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